Tonie van Marle



As an artist, I'm interested in history and science and they are the source of inspiration for drawings, prints, objects and installations.

With my memory projects I pay attention to the life of ordinary people, surviving under traumatic circumstances, who go unrecorded in history.

As a non-scientist, I take the liberty to manipulate science and technique - biology, archeology and optics in particular - for my own purpose. The objects in glass cases and pastel drawings are a playful perspective on these disciplines.

Recent projects:

CITADEL, a memory project about the fragility of life. The project originated after a visit to a former prison in Girokastre in Southern Albania where two partisan women were hung by the Nazis in 1944.

Provenance Unknown, an Imaginary Family Portrait, an installation about a Jewish optician and his imagined family, in the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, from 3 May to 7 July 2013.

WAR/RAW, 24 lino cuts, a tribute to the WWI broken faces, in l'Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne, France, in 2015. This memory project will also be shown in Museum House Doorn during the WWI commemoration of 14-18.

Blaschka, an expanding series of glass 'plants', a tribute to master glassblowers Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka from Dresden, who created circa 850 glass plants for the botanic collection of Harvard University.

The Secret Cabinet of Alfred Wallace, an installation of four 'plants', a tribute to the man who co-discovered with Darwin the theory of evolution, but did not get the credits.